Welcome to the WeCraftSite online quote page!

Unlike some sites where they pretend to give you a quote but then just promise to email you one after you’ve filled out the form… you will see your price as you customize your page with all the necessary options. No hidden fees!

But that’s not all!

After you complete the form, we will get back with you ASAP to get your site started.  Typically, the entire site is built in 2 weeks (10 business days).  

Once you have your site paid for, you can immediately enroll in our 4 week starter program for growing businesses. These LIVE courses run once a week and include:

  • Understanding how websites REALLY work
  • Learning how YOUR website works
  • How to easily create content to keep your website ALIVE
  • How to get your website seen by as many people as possible
  • Q&A at the end of every class


So go ahead and get started. Engineers are standing by to get your site working for you!

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